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Florida Flamingles - Rally Pet Policy

The Florida Flamingles LTV Owners Club recognizes that many owners enjoy their furry friends' companionship. Some of our pets have dual roles as not only a companion pet, but also as an emotional support pet, or a qualified ADA service animal.


There are different rules for companion animals, emotional support animals, and qualified service animals. The Florida Flamingles will always follow federal, state, and local ADA laws and statutes, the local RV resorts’ pet policies, and our club guidelines; we recognize the distinctions between emotional support animals and ADA qualified service animals as stated in Florida Statute 413.08.


We support and abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act's stringent guidelines and Florida law regarding service animals for disabled individuals and those who have an approved service animal must follow these guidelines and statutory provisions. 


There are some additional rules for companion and emotional support pets that you will need to familiarize yourself with before arrival:

  • You may need to provide proof of your pet’s vaccinations upon check-in.

  • Pets may not roam the grounds and must always remain on a leash. There are usually designated areas at each campground for exercise and waste elimination which should be utilized.

  • Pets are prohibited in swimming pools, swimming pool areas, showers, ponds, or fountains.

  • Pets should not be overly vocal or aggressive. 

  • If your pet barks or howls (considerably) or is aggressive to other pets or people, you should consider boarding it to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests.

  • Pets should not be brought into the Flamingles rally (space) during the official program meeting or food event unless they are at an owner’s feet (not on the table or lap) and on a leash. (This is subject to the resort's policies which may prohibit pets in meeting rooms.)

  • Any owner’s pet that disrupts attendees, program sessions, or Food/Beverage service will be asked to return the pet to their rig.

  • Pet owners should comply with any RV Campground rules regarding pets.

  • Emotional support animals are not ADA approved qualified service animals.

We ask all owners who bring their pet to a Flamingles rally adhere to these guidelines in the spirit of cooperation.

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