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Florida Flamingles Fall 2023 Business Meeting Minutes 

November 5, 2023


Gary Oster, President, called the meeting to order at 9:35 AM. 


List of Officers


Gary Oster - President and Program Director

Paul Kehoe - Treasurer

Sheryl Kittrell - Secretary and Events Coordinator

Lisa Marie Oster - Membership and Event Registrar

Sandy Johnson - Chief Technical Officer 


New Business


  • Approved minutes of previous meeting - Madison Golf and RV Resort - April 2023  


  • Paul Kehoe presented the changes in operations that have taken place since he became Treasurer.  We are a 501c7 corporation.  Paul provided a summary of the financials. Rally charge per member was $95.  Costs are $91.00 per person, including processing fee and catering of six meals.  Considering Sponsor receipts, we will have approximately  $ 8,500 in the account after this rally. Other than rally costs, there are website and survey costs—motion to approve Paul’s treasurer report. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously. 


  • New rally registration procedures have been implemented, which worked seamlessly, according to our Registrar, Lisa Oster.  


  • Gary presented the importance of Sponsorship to our club.  There are three reasons they have value to us: important for offsetting costs, having contributed approximately $6,000 to this rally; provide value in special offers available from the website; and provide essential relationships for our members, whether for knowledge, equipment, or repair services.


  • Gary Oster has worked on updating the Bylaws.  The Bylaws, as they currently stand, are posted on the website, noting changes that need to be made.  Discussion ensued on items that needed to be corrected and addressed. Changes needed to be made were included and differentiated on the screen for members to consider.  Some of these items had the name of the Corporation, change of address, name of corporation, officer removal, volunteer leadership duties, website updating, website coordinator, club meetings, banking, change in food and beverage payments, and contracts for rallies.  


  • Correction is needed to list the club from 501c3 to 501c7. Brian Duffy, President Emeritus, stated that there is no need for addresses of corporations in the Bylaws.


  • The motion was made to approve Florida Flamingles Bylaws as amended.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.  


  • Florida Flamingles Facebook page - To direct our members to the new, informative website, a motion was made to close the Florida Flamingles Facebook page in December and re-direct members solely to the website.  The motion was approved unanimously. 


  • Gary reported on some website glitches: Some members aren’t showing up, and the WIX platform has been challenging to manage.  Gary suggested that each member update their profile. If members aren’t showing up on the active member page, they are encouraged to contact Lisa Oster.  


  • Gary explained the different tabs on the newly designed website and how to use them. The categories include “Home,” “About Us,” “Members,” “Rallies,” “The Nest Blog,” “The Flock Forum,” “Supporters," and “Club Governance.” 


Future Rallies


We have 128 members here at the Rally. 


  • Requirements for future rallies will include 100 rigs capacity, full catering, seating for meetings and meals, and located within 4 hours of the members.  The campground has to have all the features and want to accept a flock of 100 rigs.  


  • We had reserved Grand Oaks Equestrian Center for the Spring rally in April.  We were holding 65 full-service sites and ten boondocking sites.  They could also handle up to 200 people for catering meals.  Gary got a call this week when they reported that they had made a mistake and offered only 35 spots.  Finding this unacceptable, we currently don’t have a location.  Gary reached out to the Surf, and they are looking into their April calendar. 


  • Sun Resorts has been contacted.  Member Bobbie Coleman would like to reconsider Central Florida.  A new Site Search Committee was formed.  April 12-15 of 2024 is the preferred weekend for the Spring Rally.  Members who volunteered for the Site Selection Committee are: 


  • Greg Gentry - Committee Chair 

  • Thomas Schroeder 

  • Bobby Coleman

  • Ron Vitkun

  • Donna Rubino


  • By consensus and applause, the club would like to make Surf RV Resort our home site for Fall meetings each year.  Gary will follow up to see if this is a possibility. 


Election of Officers for the coming year 

  • There was a motion to approve the club’s current officers for 2024.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.  


Motion to adjourn 10:45 am. Minutes submitted by Sheryl Kittrell, Secretary 

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